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Merge Pickaxe 2 is an online game which lets you explore caves and collect treasures. Take control of your Pickaxe and save the world of Pickaxia. It is a fun and thrilling game that offers you non-stop action and excitement!


  • Randomly generated caves
  • Explore, fight and collect treasures
  • Buy upgrades for your Pickaxe
  • Beautiful pixel art graphics
  • Challenging, yet addictive gameplay
  • Simple and intuitive controls

Game Controls

  • UP arrow - Jump
  • Down arrow - Crouch
  • Right arrow - Move right
  • Left arrow - Move left
  • Space bar - Use item

How to Play

Loading the game

To start playing Merge Pickaxe 2, click the β€œPlay” button. It will take a few seconds for the game to load. While the game is loading, you can explore the tutorial and the menu of the game and familiarize yourself with the tool


Exploring Caves

In Merge Pickaxe 2 you explore the various caves of Pickaxia by controlling your Pickaxe. The caves are randomly generated, meaning that no two runs through the game will be the same. You can collect a variety of items and fight


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Merge Pickaxe 2 was developed by Pickaxia Studios. Pickaxia Studios is a small indie game studio based in Helsinki, Finland.

Release Date

Merge Pickaxe 2 was released in November 2019.

Similar games

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How do I control my Pickaxe?

You can control your Pickaxe by using the arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to use items.

Can I upgrade my Pickaxe?

Yes, you can buy upgrades for your Pickaxe to make it stronger and give it a

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