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Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple


Wooosh! Use your newly-obtained teleports to take Watergirl and Fireboy from one point of the Crystal Temple to another. Collect red, blue, and white crystals and lead our characters through the levels! 


  • Cooperative gameplay
  • 30+ levels to play
  • Challenging puzzles

Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to control Fireboy. Use A S D W to move Watergirl through the level

How to Play

Master the basics

Fireboy 4: Crystal temple has four tutorial levels. The first stage guides you through the controls. The rest teaches you how to use various elements of the game to your advantage.

Work cooperatively

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 is about teaming up with both characters to overcome the obstacles and get to the final door. While it is best to play with a friend, you can also play the game solo.

Overcome the challenges

Each installment of Fireboy or Watergirl adds a new element to the game. Crystals are now able to teleport you around the map. This is in addition to the light and ice mechanics that were introduced in previous installments.


Fireboy and Watergirl Crystal Temple is a highly-logical cooperative game. It takes the combined effort of the two to get them through the traps laying around.

For example, one of them must stand on a certain button or push a lever to get the other through a gap in the floor. Although playable by one person, the game is aimed at multiplayer and takes the effort of two players to complete the level.

Use the basic laws of physics to solve other problems, like standing on one side of a bar and using your weight to get the other character atop a platform. Then, drop a crate to get yourself on the platform.

In the Crystal Temple

The Crystal Temple is the fourth installment of the Fireboy and Watergirl saga, but what’s new around?

There are two new main mechanics – white crystals and portals. The white crystals can be collected by both characters, just as they collect their regular ones – the blue and the red. 

The portals are a curious mechanic. They can be used to travel along the level and enter/exit dead ends and closed spaces. Watch carefully for the color of the portal. White coloration will take you to another white portal. The same goes for the black color – it will take you to another black portal.


Fireboy and Watergirl are web browser games (desktop or mobile) that you can play in The Crystal Temple.


This game was created by Oslo Albet.

Fireboy and Watergirl series

There are six parts of the series created up to now. And every installment introduced exciting mechanics that make the gameplay more entertaining. Mechanics such as optical flow, portals, or advanced physics appear in the cold room of the Ice Temple.

These five games are great entertainment for children and older players alike. Working with other players is great fun and a great opportunity to spend time on the same side of the screen!

Other games by Oslo Albet, besides the Fireboy and Watergirl, include Snow Rider 3D and Road Crash.

Release Date

March 2013 (Flash). October 2018 (HTML5).

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