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MineClicker is an online game that combines elements of mining, clicking, and collecting resources. The goal is to achieve an ultimate score through collecting and upgrading resources. The game is simple and suitable for all ages. It is great for casua


  • Added difficulty the more you progress
  • Upgradable tools and resources to help progress
  • Simple and easy to understand gameplay
  • Competitive online leaderboard to track progress
  • No violent content suitable fo

    Game Controls

    • Left-click to mine and collect resources
    • Right-click to upgrade resources
    • Hover over the resources to see their details
    • Press the "shop" button to buy new tools and resources
    • Press the "stats" button to tr

How to Play


Players can start playing MineClicker immediately by visiting its website and logging in. Here you will find a ready-to-play mine with different kinds of resources that can be extracted and upgraded.


To start, clic


  • Web (desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • Android (phone, tablet)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)


MineClicker was developed by Orange Pixel LLC, a game development company located in Germany. Orange Pixel has developed many popular and successful games, such as Exploration Lite, which was featured on the App Store.

Release Date

MineClicker was released in January 2021.

Similar games

Similar games to MineClicker include Clicker Hero, Upgrade, Inc., and Incremental Wars.


How do I collect resources in MineClicker?

To collect resources click on the resource with the left mouse button.

What are the different tools and resources available in MineClicker?

There are many different kinds of tools and res

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