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Mineworld Horror is a horror-themed adventure game for web and mobile platforms. Players can travel through a detailed 3D world filled with monsters, puzzles and secrets. Along the way, they must brave the dangers of the dark and build up the courage t


  • Detailed 3D graphics
  • Variety of enemies and settings
  • Real-time combat system
  • Variety of weapons and armor
  • Rich storyline and hidden secrets
  • Online multiplayer mode

Game Controls

  • Movement - WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump - Space
  • Interact - E
  • Inventory - I
  • Equip - Q

How to Play

Begin a New Adventure

Players can begin a new adventure in Mineworld Horror by creating a character, which will be their avatar for the game. They can choose from a variety of character classes, such as Mage, Warrior, Thief, and Necromancer, ea


Story Mode

The story mode in Mineworld Horror follows the character’s journey as they explore the world and uncover its secrets. Along the way, they must brave the dangers of the dark and make choices that will shape the story’s outcome. Player


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Mineworld Horror is developed by iGenius Games, an independent studio specialising in horror adventure games.

Release Date

Mineworld Horror was released in August 2020.

Similar games

Other horror adventure games include Slenderman, Dead by Daylight, and Resident Evil.


What platforms can I play Mineworld Horror on?

Mineworld Horror is available for web, Android and iOS.

Is the game playable in multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can join online games with up to 8 players.

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