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Apocalypse World


Apocalypse World is a browser-based game developed by Bigclan Inc. The game is a strategic fantasy RPG wherein the player heads an apocalyptic world that awaits the hero to save it. The year is 2099 and the world is overwhelmed by ancient evil and the forces of darkness. Players are taken on a quest of epic and dangerous proportions with levels of difficulty and choices to make which will ultimately decide the fate of the entire world. In this game, you build a city, gather resources, manage a squad of warriors, increase your army, battle against others, and make difficult decisions that can turn the tide of any situation. You are the only savior and have no one else to rely on as you venture into the unknown. The graphics of the game are compelling and engaging, with detailed animations and a rich 3D world. And with its intense battles that oftentimes test the player’s skills and strategic abilities, Apocalypse World has become a classic for those seeking thrill, excitement, and challenge.


  • 3D visual experience with intense battles
  • Immersive, hand-crafted world
  • Strategic city building and base development
  • Dynamic combat system that challenges players’ skills
  • Factions with a military ranking system
  • Quest and story-driven missions
  • Variety of resources to collect
  • Real-time combat and friendly/enemy-based challenges

Game Controls

  • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move the chosen character
  • Up/Down Arrow Keys: Select the game option/combat action/building option
  • Space/Enter Key: Selects the chosen action/option
  • Number Keys: Chooses the action/option

How to Play

Setting Up Your Character

Since players start out as the only survivor of a long-lost civilization, they must first decide to either customize or pick their own avatar. Within their avatar, players can change their gender, appearance, name, and even allocate stats to set the game's difficulty. After that, players should finish setting up their base, by choosing where to settle and what resources to use.

Gathering Resources

The main activity in Apocalypse World is gathering resources. Players must make sure they have enough food, water, and resources to sustain their base. This can be done by sending out scouts or by visiting nearby towns and trading resources.

Fighting Monsters

The only way to secure resources in the post-apocalyptic world is by fighting against monsters. While preparing to fight against the monsters, players have the choice to pick out a weapon of their choice or use the weapons they have gathered during their travels. During the fight, players should be careful as the monsters can easily overpower them.

Developing Your Base

Apocalypse World goes beyond just fighting monsters as players can also build and improve their base. This can be done by collecting resources from the nearby towns, trading with other players, or even from quests—allowing players to build better and stronger defenses for their base.

Managing Your Faction

Players can also join factions in the game. This allows them to grow their influence, expand their base, and gather more resources. Players will have to manage their faction, by recruiting new members and leading their army of survivors during battles.


Apocalypse World can be accessed via PC browsers and requires no additional downloads. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, the game is also available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.


Apocalypse World was developed by Bigclan Inc, a fast-growing game development company based in London, UK. Bigclan Inc is known for their other titles such as The Siege of Europe and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Release Date

Apocalypse World was first released on April 6, 2015.

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What is Apocalypse World?

Apocalypse World is a browser-based game developed by Bigclan Inc. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players take on the role of a hero tasked with rescuing the world from an ancient evil. The game is a strategic RPG with levels of difficulty, various resources to manage, and intense battles.

Is Apocalypse World free to play?

Yes, Apocalypse World is free to play and can be accessed via PC browsers or mobile devices either Android or iOS.

What platforms are supported?

Apocalypse World is supported in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems, both Android and iOS devices.

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