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Trevor 2 Moneytalks Mad City

Category: Action
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Game Controls

*wasd* = move *mouse* = shoot *e* = interaction *space* = jump *shift* = run *p* = pause *1**2* = weapons *v* = camera *u* = open parachute

Trevor 2 Moneytalks Mad City is an action shooter game like GTA games. Main character Trevor has to accomplish missions and become respectful gangster. Steal cars and search for new weapons.In the new game you have to take the rap for another drunken antics of Trevor. You wake up in a new place on the ranch of a Mexican gangster - your sidekick. After a serious party, you will have to remember yesterday, because you ended up in Mexico, and your sidekick was kidnapped. Perform action missions, after which you will remember what happened at all and how you got here. As in the previous parts, you have access to the coolest weapons for establishing your own order in an open city. Old problems, gunfights, and all sorts of scrapes - will seem nonsense compared to Mexican adventures! The rules of a civilized society are in place in this region, everything is decided by a machete, a few charged trunks are what is needed for survival in harsh reality. Be prepared for the close attention of the cops, and dangerous meetings with cartels, you will have to go beyond all limits of decency and be the most severe in the neighborhood, cops and gangs. The only thing that can save you from losing is a clear gun shops and cereal streets in which various items of military ammunition are hidden.Game featuresRealistic graphics (flexible settings).Many hours of addictive gameplay.Turn your plans, at the end of the game you will be with millions of dollars in your pocket!Waiting for you a luxurious fleet, marinas with expensive yachts.The city has a developed transport infrastructure, pedestrians behave like people in the real world.


Extreme Games

Release date

January 2020
Ufo X


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