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Do you want to challenge yourself to the ultimate puzzle game? Then try Traffic Jam 3D, the game that will make you the master of traffic management! In this fun and addictive puzzle game, you will have to keep cars on the roads, while keeping an eye


  • 30 levels, with increasing difficulty
  • 3D visuals with vibrant colour
  • Explosive special effects
  • Bonus levels for extra rewards
  • Real car sounds
  • Rating system to keep track of progress
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    Game Controls

    The game’s controls are quite easy to learn and understand. Players will have to click and drag their finger on the screen to move the cars. However, be careful when making your moves. The winner of the game will be the fastest to reach the finish line

How to Play

Selecting Levels

The game is quite easy to play; all you have to do is select your desired level. You are provided with thirty levels which consist of varying difficulties for you to select from. Once you choose a particular level, all the ele



The graphics are fun, dynamic and 3D. The colourful backgrounds and vibrant cars make the game visually enjoyable. The 3D levels also add complexity and challenge to the levels, and make the gameplay more engaging. In addition, the gam


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Traffic Jam 3D is designed and developed by Supercell Games, a Finland-based game developer. Supercell Games is well known for its fun and engaging games that provide endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Release Date

Traffic Jam 3D was released on October 1, 2020.

Similar games

If you enjoy slicing, pounding and turning your way through levels in Traffic Jam 3D, then try other similarly maniacal puzzles such as Fruit Ninja, Piano Tiles, and Jelly Crush.


What is Traffic Jam 3D?

Traffic Jam 3D is fun and addictive puzzle game where players have to manage traffic on a 3D race course and get all the cars to their destination in the set time limit.

What platforms can I play this game on?

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