Evo F4

Category: Driving

Game Controls

*wasd* = drive *mouse* = view *c* = change camera *r* = repair *enter* = reset car *t* = slow time *u* = arm up *j* = arm down *i* = fork up *k* = for...
Evo F4 is a fourth part of Evo-F series. It is 3D car simulator game. Make your own car in the garage, drive truck or offroad car. Transport old non-funcional cars and repair them. Play for free on PacoGames. About Game Completely rewritten project based on the new CsDrive physics. The phylosophy of the game remains the same but new functions have been introduced such as the possibility of creating custom Decals that can be exported and shared. In this version it is also possible to configure many aesthetic and physical aspects of the vehicles, which also in this case can be exported and shared. In the level there is no lack of ramps and other physical objects to move and compose as you wish, which will remain in the last desired position. You can play with keyboard, mouse or gamepad or set your own custom controls. Have fun. Features Five different cars - Sport car, offroad car, truck, fork lifter and non funcional old car Multifuncional garage - make your unique car change colors, painting, wheels, wings etc or repair the old car here You can find many ramps and places for stunts around the map Realistic driving Four different angles of camera Suitable for all ages

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