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Clash of Goblins

Category: Action
Tags: Battle | Cards | Crush | Timing |

Clash of Goblins is an exciting and action-packed adventure game filled with fun and laughter. The game is set in the fantasy world of goblins, where the players play in their army to conquer the rival army’s kingdom. As an army commander, the players explore their domains and resources to build their economy, construct various siege weapons to overthrow their enemies, and hire mercenaries to strengthen their expedition. Apart from fighting, the players also have to discover ancient relics and artifacts to unlock wonders and upgrades and venture into the mysterious dungeons of mysteries. All in all, it’s an epic journey full of adventures and complex strategies.


  • Action-packed battles
  • Explore ancient ruins and artifacts
  • Strategize and manage your troops
  • Build and customize your kingdom
  • Detailed visual and sound effects
  • Gather resources through mining and other activities
  • Hire mercenaries to support your army

Game Controls

  • Movement: W,A,S,D
  • Camera: Q, E
  • Select/Deselect Units: mouse click/ shift + mouse click
  • Action: mouse left click
  • Move action/ Unlock Upgrade: mouse right click
  • Change weapons: 1,2,3

How to Play


As a commander, the player's first task is to build a stronghold. They can construct various buildings such as barracks, towers, marketplaces, walls and mines to gather resources, recruit troops, and train them. The different buildings also have various buffs to increase the strength of an army.


The player then moves on to exploration. They will have to cross dangerous terrains, hostile settlements, and unexplored lands. As they collect more resources, they can also hire mercenaries to join their cause and increase their armies’ strength.


Clash of Goblins’ main feature is its battle system. Players can strategize and manage their armies on the battlefield in either attack mode or defense mode to overthrow rival kingdoms. They can also control their weapons and troops and make use of their environment to gain the upper edge in battle.

Wonder Upgrades

As the players progress through the game, they can also explore ancient relics and artifacts. By discovering these, they will receive rewards in the form of Wonder upgrades. These upgrades will contribute to the player’s army strength and make them powerful enough to conquer the land.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Clash of Goblins is developed by Soaring Eagle Studio.

Release Date

Clash of Goblins was released on November 16th, 2020.

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What type of game is Clash of Goblins?

Clash of Goblins is an adventure strategy game where you build your army, explore dangerous lands, and defeat enemy kingdoms.

Can I play the game on mobile?

Yes, you can play Clash of Goblins on mobile through Android or iOS platforms.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, you can play Clash of Goblins with your friends online or in local multiplayer mode.

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