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Babel Tower


Game Controls

Press-and-hold on the screen to mine stone, transfer stone to processing, speed up bricks creation, chop trees, and perform other activities. Sell...


Gathering all the resources is very simple. Everything is done automatically – from the mining, through the carrying and the processing of the raw resource to either bricks or planks, up to the building of the tower. You can speed the process up by clicking and holding on to the selected activity.

  • You can also increase the game speed x2!
  • Each and every floor of the tower requires a different amount of bricks to be built.
  • Since this is an idle game, you don't need to micromanage it. Instead, you can let it run in the background and your workers keep building towers while you do other things.

Game progression

The game is played in stages, and each level of the tower brings new difficulties that require further upgrades and greater resource extraction. As you gain new levels, you will gain additional resources such as trees to make wood. 

Timber is used to extend your crane to build the next level of this bible tower. Every resource and worker has a level that you can increase to increase their productivity. You need to earn coins by selling resources to upgrade items or watching short commercials for free upgrades. 

The game generously offers time boosts in the early stages to speed things up. Each stage requires more resources than the previous stage. You have the drummer play the beat on the fourth floor to speed up your miner. In the later stages, you need to use advanced technologies such as elephants, camels, and helicopters to greatly increase the production of goods. 

Of course, elephants and camels also need to be fed.


As in real-life Antiquity, your main building resources are stone and lumber. They are harvested from nearby areas. Use them to create bricks and planks for your tower.


You’re equipped with some more “advanced” tools like a wheelbarrow and a crane. They speed up your process and can be upgraded for further speed-up.


The Market allows you to sell some of your stored resources and upgrade whatever you need to upgrade.


There are six Golden artifacts that provide specific boosts for the game. They increase certain speed rates, take out time from the boost clock, or speed up tower construction.

Restarting your tower building gives you Golden Bricks, which boosts your tap power, and production and increases market prices.


The boosts in Babel Tower are usually time or resource-related, like taking time off your boost clock or giving you additional coins to spend on the market.

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