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Mr. Mine

Category: Clicker
Tags: Clicker | Mining | 2d | Incremental | Upgrade | Html5 | Idle |

Mr. Mine is a free multiplayer game with a unique combination of elements from resource-gathering and puzzle genres. In the game, the players are challenged to mine the resources available and use problem-solving skills to explore and navigate underground mazes. The goal is to successfully reach deep depths on the level while collecting resources and avoiding traps.


  • More than fifty levels
  • Interesting puzzles and traps
  • Able to craft weapons and items
  • Fight against monsters
  • Unlock unique rewards
  • Explore for hidden items
  • Unique environment
  • Online leaderboards

Game Controls

  • Jump
  • Run
  • Crouch
  • Dash
  • Shoot

How to Play

Choose the Level

The first step of playing the game is to choose the level. Mr. Mine has more than fifty levels each with different mazes, hazards, and rewards. The difficulty level of each level also increases from easy to tough. Players may start from the easy levels and then progress to higher levels to unlock more rewards.

Collect Resources

In the game, players are given specific tools to traverse the underground mazes and caves in the different levels. Players are also tasked to collect resources such as minerals, pelts, and treasures. These resources can be used to craft items and weapons that can help the player to progress further in the game.

Avoid Hazards

As the player progresses further in the game, they will start encountering hazards such as deadly traps and puzzles, as well as wild monsters. Players must use their problem-solving skills and craft weapons to clear the hazards, or else they will get killed.



Mining is the main activity of the game. Players are required to dig through blocks of dirt rocks and minerals in order to reach deeper levels. The deeper into the mine a player goes the more valuable resources they can find and the more dangerous creatures they can encounter.


The game also involves fighting with the wild creatures that inhabit the underground mazes. Players must use their weapons to fight off these creatures and survive in the mine. Different monsters may also drop rewards after being defeated.


In the game, players can explore the environment looking for hidden items and rewards. This mechanic makes the game more interesting and adds to the replayability of the game.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Mr. Mine is developed by SolidGames, a company that is renowned for creating exciting and entertaining games. The company has been in the business for more than fifteen years, and they have created more than thirty titles on different platforms.

Release Date

Mr. Mine was first released in April 2018 for web browsers and later for Android and iOS in the same year.

Similar games

Similar games to Mr. Mine are, Dig It: Treasure Adventure, Path Digger, and Craft Maze Adventure, which all have mining and puzzler elements.


Is the game free?

Yes, Mr. Mine is a free to play game.

What kind of monsters can the player find?

The game has a variety of monsters, including bats, zombies, tentacles, and dragons.

What kind of resources can the player collect?

  • Minerals
  • Pelts
  • Treasures
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