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Slither.io is a free-to-play, colorful version of the good old snake game that we all played on our ancient Nokia phones. And the color is not the only thing developers added. The game features a massive multiplayer. You play along with other “snakes” and they are the main threat to your growing serpent.

How to Play

Are you a fan of snakes? These snakes don't pose a threat to your health so it's okay if you don’t. However, the players who control the snakes... They will try to seduce you. Slither.io gives you a new twist on the classic snake genre.You can grow like the classic Snake game that was on mobile phones for decades. All you have to do is eat small pellets. Slither.io introduces an entirely new multiplayer component that alters the game.

Eat and Grow

You will find sustenance in the glowing orbs. You can increase the size of your snakes and get more energy to boost. You have a better chance of trapping other snakes if you start small. Don't attempt to take on larger snakes until you are more experienced. You can learn the strategy of eating and not eating until you are able to handle smaller snakes.

Boost Your Speed

Although boost is an important feature, it can also come at the expense of your size. This can be used when racing against snakes. Once you find the spot that is right next to your opponent's head make a sudden cut in order to eliminate them. To get the best value, you should use the boost carefully.

Special Orbs

There are two types of orbs available, one for each location. All glowing pellets are lost when a snake dies. The more abundant the harvest, the bigger the snake. These orbs are often found floating in the arena. Although these floating orbs can be easily chased, they are worth much more than the average dots.

Capture Other Snakes

You can catch smaller snakes once you have the right size. You can catch many small snakes if your size is too large. This will result in their eventual demise and you getting more food!


The new game follows a similar storyline, but on a larger canvas, the snake itself is not an obstacle. But users must avoid encountering many similar obstacles. Slither.io is basically a multiplayer game in which every user is active on the same canvas. Users can view the ranking and name of the highest-ranked scorer at any time in the header banner on the right side of the screen. The score is based on the length of the snake, which increases as the snake swallows the colored dots on the screen. 

However, the leaderboard will not interfere with your gameplay. It is easy to play Sliter.io, the controls are very free. The movement of the snake can be controlled by touch-based gestures. Therefore, to turn right, you just swipe right. Similarly, to turn around, you must slide backward.

There is a way for you to pause in the game, which makes it very challenging. There is also a map on the right side of the screen, so you can track your location. The graphics are much better than any snake derivatives we have encountered. The background that looked like snakeskin successfully created the atmosphere of a dark underground world. 

Colorful snakes can help users identify their snakes from other people. With so many characters, the game is more difficult than the snake game. The fact of competing with so many people makes it more interesting than single-player Snakes. 

You can share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter to keep records and show your performance. Slither.io is a rare game that brings back popular mobile games to the spotlight. It is very addictive and easy to access, which makes it even more irresistible. You’re free to play Slither.io wherever you like - be it on a desktop or mobile device.


Slither.io can be accessed via a web browser, Android and iOS.


Slither.io is an online game developed by American game company Lowtech Studios. Inspired by the ancient Snakes game, in which the user must control a snake until its growing body becomes an obstacle to him.

Release Date

March 2016


How to play Slither with friends?

Without installing additional software, it is impossible to play Slither together. This software is not officially licensed and should not be used.

Who created Slither?

Steve Howse, a Michigan-based 32-year-old developer, created Slither.io. Lowtech Studios is his company.