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Snake Games

The classic Snake game - or any variation of it - has been thrilling gamers of all ages since its invention in the late 70s. In this game, the player commands a snake across a single-screen 2D arena with the goal of collecting food and growing bigger with each item collected, avoiding collisions with the walls, other snakes and its own body.

Despite its simple graphics, Snake can be incredibly exciting as the snake tends to grow bigger and faster as time passes, making maneuvering more and more challenging. Moreover, modern and complex versions of the game have been released in which extra items, powerups, multiple levels and game modes have been introduced.

Types of Snake Games

There are various types of Snake games for players to choose from, depending on their preferences. Some are more faithful to the original version with graphics barely improved, while others are updated in terms of visuals, sounds, and added features.

  • Classical Snake games: These versions may have added features and/or difficulty levels but are faithful to the original gameplay, graphics and objects.
  • Strategy Snake games: Team up and battle in strategic situations, trying to outclass each other or combine forces to achieve victory faster.
  • 3D Snake games: Instead of a single 2D plane, be ready to take on the challenge of 3D arenas, managing the snake's body in space.

Best Browser Snake Games

LupyGames offers a wide catalogue of snake games, from the classic versions to the most modern ones.

  • Snake Classics: As the name implies, the essence of the original Snake game is preserved in these options, including the added difficulty levels.
  • BattleSnake: Compete against other players in online arenas with bonus items and powerups scattered around.
  • SpacedOut: The ultimate 3D version of the game, designed to test your spatial capabilities and reflexes.

If you think that you are up for the challenge and want to enjoy these games, head over to LupyGames and start playing right now.