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Wormate is a.io-based multiplayer game that was inspired by Slither.io. You will be placed in a large area and must crawl around to eat food and get power-ups. This will allow you to grow your worm bigger. You'll become able to catch other worms and feed them. You'll be amazed at how large you can grow in Wormate.

How to Play

Wormate is an easy-to-learn online game. You eat, grow, and survive. You should be aware of other players as you grow larger. They will want to eat everything you give them. You can catch smaller worms by circumventing them.


Wormate.io was developed in HTML5 to work with the browser. You can also download the Android and iOS versions.


Oleksandr Godoba is the creator of Wormate.io, a Ukrainian developer.

Release Date

October 2016

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Similar Games

Many games are similar to Wormate.io. Many of these games are inspired by Slither or other early.io game:Powerline.io is more like the classic Snake but in a large multiplayer arena. You're not playing as a snake, but as a line or electricity.Worms.Zone is a Wormate-like product with different graphics and feel.Paper.io - Rather than growing a snake, worm or other animal, why not expand your territory?


Can I play Wormate with friends?

You may end up on the same server with your friends. However, it is not possible to arrange a game only with friends.

How do I win on Wormate.io?

By becoming the largest worm, you can reach the top of the leaderboard.

How do I unlock skins on Wormate.io?

To unlock new skins, share Wormate on your social media accounts.

Is Wormate.io like Slither.io?

Wormate was inspired by Slither.io.