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Dragon Merge Wind is an action-packed, strategic RPG game for kids and adults alike. Based in a fantasy world where dragons rule the skies, the game pits players against each other in epic battles of wits, strategy and power. Players get to team up wit


  • Turn-based strategic combat.
  • Wide variety of weapons and armours to choose from.
  • Customizable avatar and dragons.
  • Ability to join forces with other players in guilds.
  • Multiple levels and challenging missi

    Game Controls

    • Keyboard: Arrow Keys to walk and Spacebar to attack
    • Gamepad: Analog stick to move, Square and Triangle to attack
    • Mouse: Point and click to choose your action

How to Play

Set-up Step

At the start of the game, you will be given an avatar representing you in the game. You may choose one of the pre-set avatars given or customize the look and equipment of your avatar. You may also change the equipment throughout you



The main purpose of the game is to win battles against your enemies. Battles will take place in turn-based combat, allowing players to choose their attack sequence and react quickly to the moves of their opponents. Players have to strat


Dragon Merge Wind is available on multiple platforms including Web, Android, and iOS.


Dragon Merge Wind is developed by Dragon Gaming Studio.

Release Date

Dragon Merge Wind was released on November 11th 2021.

Similar games

Dragon Merge Wind has many similarities to games such as Tribal Wars 2, Dynasty War, and Throne Breaking, which are all games where players battle with powerful dragons and complete quests to earn rewards.


Can I customize my dragon?

Yes. You can customize your dragon with different weapons and pieces of armor. You can also upgrade your dragons with special moves and skills.

Is Dragon Merge Wind free-to-play?

Yes. Dragon Merge Wind i

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