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Doge Miner is a family-friendly, eyes-friendly, and brain-friendly game specifically designed for children of all ages. It’s a web-based game that has a simple and modern design and easy to use interface. It challenges users with puzzles and encourages


  • Family-friendly gameplay
  • Built-in tutorials to help new players
  • Detailed graphics and visuals
  • Unique levels and puzzles
  • Power-ups to boost the user's stats
  • Ability to build and upgrade tools
  • Game Controls

    • Move left and right
    • Jump
    • Crouch
    • Dig
    • Swim
    • Activate power-ups

How to Play

Movement and Exploration

Doge Miner is a platform game in which users move the main character around different terrains and explore the world. The main character can run and jump across platforms while collecting coins and dodging hazards. The



Doge Miner is structured into levels in which each level has a different set of challenges. The user must progress through each level in order to advance to the next one. As the user progresses, the levels increase in difficulty, adding


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Doge Miner was developed by Kage Games, a small game studio based in California.

Release Date

Doge Miner was released on March 30th, 2020.

Similar games

Games similar to Doge Miner include Candy Crush, Minecraft, Donut County and Animal Crossing.


What platforms is Doge Miner available on?

Doge Miner is available on Web, Android, and iOS.

How do I build and upgrade tools in Doge Miner?

You can build and upgrade tools in Doge Miner by collecting coins and treasures from

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