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Super Burger 2 is an exciting and dynamic game where the player takes control of a chef in a Burger restaurant. The goal of the game is to make sure that all orders are fulfilled within a limited time, while making sure each order is perfectly cooked


  • Entertaining and engaging gameplay
  • Dynamic and challenging levels
  • Unlock upgrades and extra items in the game
  • Handle unexpected events in the restaurant
  • Competitive global leaderboards
  • Easy to le

    Game Controls

    • Click to select menu items
    • Drag and drop to move around the restaurant
    • Press W, A, S, D to move items around
    • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the restaurant
    • Press Space bar to pause or unpause the

How to Play

Manage the restaurant

The game has multiple levels and in each level, the player will have to manage a restaurant. The restaurant has various elements that make up the gameplay; there is the kitchen area, the grill, the fryer, the shelves and t


Upgrades and Items

Players will have the chance to upgrade their restaurant in the game by buying extra items from the store. These items come in the form of extra shelves, tools to make orders faster or extra appliances for the kitchen. Buying


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Super Burger 2 was developed by Hoppy Games and published by Fumb Games. Hoppy Games is mostly known for their popular game series such as Dino World and Escape Hazard, so they have plenty of experience in creating fun and engaging games.

Release Date

The game was released in March 2019, with updated features and levels every month.

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How long can games last?

The duration of the games can vary, and it usually depends on the difficulty level that is set for the game. On average, a game on normal difficulty can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

How can I get

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