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Papa's Burgeria

Category: Arcade
Tags: Arcade | Food | Cooking | Upgrade | Flash | Papas |

Papa's Burgeria has returned! Flash Emulation allows you to play Papa's Burgeria again in your web browser. Papa has given you the responsibility of Papa's burger-building business. Now you will need to take orders, fry the burgers and then cook them! Papa Louie will be proud of you if you are a great burger flipper.

How to Play

Flip the burgers with passion

Papa's Burgeria will guide you through the basics and make a profit by flipping burgers. Follow the on-screen instructions to place your first order. Start by placing your order, then frying the patty. Next, add tomatoes, onions and sauces to the burger.

Manage your time

As you progress through the levels, you will be introduced to customers with more complicated orders. The number of customers you will be dealing with will also increase. This means that you will need to manage your responsibilities and know the timings so that your customers give you the best tips and scores.

Buy upgrades

Papa will insist that you use your tips to purchase upgrades for the restaurant, not on your leisure activities. After each level has been completed, you have the option of buying upgrades. You can find items that will reduce customer waiting times, such as a television or lamps that keep burgers warm. There are many other items you can buy to help your hard-earned money.

Snoop on your clientele

Papa keeps a record of all his most valuable customers. To see details about your customers, you can access the customer book.


Web browser. The Android and iOS versions are also available.


Flipline Studios makes Papa's Burgeria.

Release Date

December 2010

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Can you still play Papa's Burgeria?

Yes, you can play Papa's Burgeria on LupyGames in your web browser with Flash.

Is Papa's Burgeria free?

Yes! You can play the game free of charge on LupyGames.

Who made Papa's Burgeria?

Flipline Studios created Papa's Burgeria and many other Papa's Games.

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