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Monster Truck Extreme Racing is an arcade style off road driving game where you get to drive your own big, tough, and noisy monster truck and experience extreme racing with other players online. Race on rugged and muddy tracks, experience wild stunts a


  • Realistic and challenging tracks and trails
  • Realistic monster trucks with detailed designs
  • Customization options for your vehicle
  • Upgrades and custom parts
  • Power ups to give you an edge
  • Stunts and jump

    Game Controls

    • Directional arrows for moving your truck
    • Jump button for jumps and stunts
    • Zoom button for speed boost
    • Power up buttons for extra bonuses

How to Play

Starting Out

To start playing the game, first you need to choose your vehicle; pick from a wide selection of monster trucks each with their own distinct look and design. Once you have chosen your vehicle, customize the color and designs to your


Customization Options

In Monster Truck Extreme Racing, you have the freedom to customize your monster truck. You can choose from a variety of color combinations, decals, and designs to create your own unique truck. You can also add upgrades to


  • Web based
  • Android
  • iOS


Monster Truck Extreme Racing is developed by Expert Games.

Release Date

The game was released on April 5th, 2020.

Similar games

Some similar games to Monster Truck Extreme Racing include Offroad Rage, Smashy Street, and Monster Jam: Steel Titans.


Can I customize my vehicle in Monster Truck Extreme Racing?

Yes, you can customize your vehicle in the game with color options, designs, and vinyls. You can also add upgrades and custom parts to your vehicle.

Can I race with other player

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