Extreme Offroad Cars 2

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Extreme Offroad Cars 2

Category: Driving
3d | Webgl | Car |

Extreme Offroad Cars 2 is the next chapter of Extreme Offroad Cars. If you liked the first title, you're sure to be awed by this new version. This game incorporates all the great features of the original game and also includes some new tracks off-road for you to try your driving abilities out on!

Utilize your keyboard's arrow keys to regulate the speed and direction of your vehicle. You can then try to keep it in control through the various road obstacles. The terrain is very rough and bumpy, and you have to figure out the right balance between speed and control so that you don't wreck your vehicle! Are you able to complete each stage and demonstrate your proficiency on the off-road?


  • There are a lot of offroad vehicles
  • The challenging tracks are a challenge with different weather that require your incredible driving ability
  • You can make use of winch as well as the 4-wheel mode to get around the tracks
  • Incredible 3D graphics

Game Controls

  • Z + left click to attach the winch
  • C to pull the car
  • X to free the cable
  • Shift to toggle all-wheels drive
  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to use handbrake



This game is a web browser game.

Release Date


January 2018 and was revised with Unity 2020 since February 2021.