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Masked Forces Crazy Mode

Category: Action
Tags: Army | Fps | Webgl |

Masked Forces Crazy Mode is a thrilling and exciting first-person shooter game that features fast-paced gunfights, intense gameplays and wild battle royales. It brings players a huge variety of exclusive new custom maps with improved graphics. In this game, you can customize your character and make your own inventory. Use your skills to become the top player of the game.

Game Controls

  • Mouse – Aim and shoot
  • WASD – Move
  • C – Crouch
  • Shift – Run
  • Space – Jump
  • E – Equip items
  • Ctrl – Prone
  • R – Reload gun
  • Tab – Menu

How to Play

Detailed instructions

Masked Forces Crazy Mode is a team-based competitive first-person shooter game where you can choose to play as Attackers or Defenders. You can join or create a Faction to play in ‘Classic’ or ‘Team Death Match’, ‘Capture The Flag’ and ‘Death Run’ game modes. Complete missions, achieve daily goals, progress in levels and win rewards.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the game, you can login using your credentials or create a new account. If you’re new, read through the tutorial guides to learn the basics. Customize your character and pick up weapons to get on the battlefield. There you’ll need to use your tactics and skills to take down your enemies and survive as long as you can.


Game Modes

Masked Forces Crazy Mode currently features three different game modes: Classic, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag. You can play all game modes on different maps designed to make this game even more enjoyable. Each map has a different setting and the game provides exclusive new custom maps with improved graphics.


Some of the game’s features include deep customization options, leaderboard and daily rewards, weapon skins, and Death Run mode. You can customize your character, pick your weapon and join a faction for the most intense and realistic gun battles. The leaderboard helps you to keep track of your progress and rewards you with daily rewards. You can also obtain different weapon skins which will make your weapons look even more awesome.


  • Web version
  • Android version
  • iOS version


Masked Forces Crazy Mode is a game developed and published by Black Bull Games.

Release Date

The game was released in June 2020.

Similar games

The game is similar to other first-person shooter games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty, as well as multiplayer action games like Brawlhalla and Apex Legends.

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