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Mini Royale Nations


Mini Royale Nations is a fun and exciting webs game that combines strategy and luck. Players take their nations and battle against each other in a turn based game. Family-friendly and highly addictive, this game puts your strategizing skills to the test.


  • Create and customize your own nation
  • Construct a military of your choosing
  • Battle other players in turn-based combat
  • Customize units with skins, decals and armor
  • Collect resources and use them strategically
  • Accumulate victory points to claim victory
  • Take part in special events and tournaments
  • Stunning battlefield visuals

Game Controls

  • Mouse – For selecting game elements and to move them around.
  • Keyboard – For controlling the game's speed and for additional in-game functionalities.
  • Scroll Wheel (on computer mouse) – To zoom in or out

How to Play

Create a nation

Before starting a game, players must first create their own nation. Nations will be named according to the player’s choosing and will come with a national flag.

Construct a military

Once the nation has been created, players must construct a suitable military. Players get to choose which units to include in their army. Units can be upgraded and modified. In addition, players may also select which resources they will use to power their military.

Battle other nations

After the military has been assembled, players can search for other nations to battle. Battles take place in a turn based structure, with players aiming to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents. After each turn, players have a chance to review the battlefield and make any adjustments that they deem necessary. The aim of the game is to ultimately outlast and outwit other players in order to claim victory.


Structure of a Battle

Battles begin with a prematch phase where players get to choose which units to deploy for the upcoming battle. After the deployment phase is over, the battle begins and continues until one of the players is declared the victor. During the battle, players will have to control their units, deciding how to move them or attack opponents, as well as manage their resources and use them strategically to create advantages.

Victory Points

Victory points are awarded to both sides in a battle. Points are awarded for any damage done to the other player’s units, as well as any resources taken or lost. As the battle progresses, points can be accumulated for either the player or the opponent’s team. The team with the most victory points at the end of the battle is declared the victor.

Special Features

Mini Royale Nations comes with a wide range of features that add to the overall game experience. For example, players can customize their military units with a variety of skins, decals and armor. Players may also battle against AI-controlled armies and use power-ups to gain an upper hand in battle. Special events and tournaments are also hosted by the game developers to give players exclusive rewards.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Mini Royale Nations is developed and published by Wild Noodle Games. They have a wide range of web and mobile games in their portfolio, with Mini Royale Nations being one of their most successful titles to date.

Release Date

Mini Royale Nations was originally released on the 11th of March, 2017 and has since gone through multiple updates and improvements. The game is currently available on all available platforms.

Similar games

If you like the turn-based strategy of Mini Royale Nations, you will also like similar titles such as Age of Empires, Grepolis and Tribal Wars. These games build upon the strategies found in Mini Royale Nations, adding additional depth to the gameplay.


Can I customize my units?

Yes, you can customize units with different skins, decals and armor.

Is Mini Royale Nations free to play?

Yes, the game is available for free on web, Android and iOS.

How many players can battle each other?

Up to 4 different players can battle each other at once.

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