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Weapon Games

Weapon games offer you complete control of your virtual armory. Jump into a battleground and make your way through enemy forces with your trusty selection of weapons. Whether it's a timely sniper shot, a distant bomb set off with a grenade, or a shotgun up close, these games allow you to take full advantage of your virtual stash of guns, blades, and bombs.

Types of Weapon Games

There’s a wide range of weapon games out there, including first-person shooters, role-playing games, and virtual worlds. FPS games include classics like Call of Duty and Halo, and feature advanced shooting mechanics with realistic graphics and sound effects. RPG games feature different weapons for characters to use, some of which may have special effects. Virtual worlds also integrate weapons into their activities, with various shooting galleries and other activities that you can try.

Best Browser Weapon Games

Ready to explore the world of weapons? Check out the best weapon games available at right now. For realistic FPS action there’s Knife Simulator, where you’ll learn different knife techniques as you take out targets. In Bomber Arena you have to compete in an arena where you play as a bomber and drop bombs on your opponents. For RPG weapon fun you have to check out Mystic Quests, where you’ll use swords and spells to battle monsters and save the world. Try them out and see which one is your favorite game!