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Kogama War 4 is an online multiplayer game developed in an open-world environment where players can build structures, create their own items, and role-play with other players, challenging them to intense combat. Players can also join clans and conquer


Kogama War 4 is a web-based strategic shooting game where the player competes against other real players in a race to the top. The goal of the game is to survive and defeat your opponents. The game contains a variety of maps, weapons, and game modes an


  • Competitive 5v5 gameplay
  • Real-time battles
  • Variety of weapons and upgrades
  • Vehicles and aircraft
  • Multiple game modes

Game Controls

  • WASD - Movement
  • Mouse - Look & Aim
  • Right Mouse Button - Fire
  • Left Mouse Button - Zoom

How to Play

Joining a Match

When you join a game of Kogama War 4, you can select from a selection of maps, game modes and teams. Once you have selected a map and game mode, the game will match you with other players and you will begin the game.


Weapons and Equipment

Kogama War 4 has a variety of weapons for the players to use in combat. There are firearms such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns available, as well as special weapons such as grenades and mines. There is also a variety of


Kogama War 4 is currently available to play on web, Android and iOS devices.


Kogama War 4 is developed by Kogama, a leading game development studio.

Release Date

Kogama War 4 was released in April 2021.

Similar games

Kogama War 4 is similar to other competitive strategic shooting video games such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.


What is the goal of Kogama War 4?

The goal of Kogama War 4 is to survive through the game and be the last one standing in order to win.

How can I get weapons in Kogama War 4?

Weapons and upgrades can be found scattered around the

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