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Kogama War 4

Category: Shooting
Tags: Shooting | 3d | Webgl | Battle | War | Gun | Weapon |

Kogama War 4 is an online battle game for those who love excitement and strategy. Take command of your troops to defeat the enemy and conquer their territory. Choose from numerous unique units with diverse battlefield roles and explore endless customization options. Compete in a variety of game modes and team up with others from around the world to create the ultimate tactical formation.


  • Team up with other players
  • Choose from 4 unique soldier units
  • Endless customization options
  • Several battle modes to choose from
  • Tactical strategies and traps
  • Immersive custom multiplayer game modes
  • Exciting rewards to earn

Game Controls

  • W, A, S, D Keys - Movement
  • Mouse - Aim/Shoot
  • Shift Key - Sprint
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Q key - Equipment

How to Play

Starting the Game

To start off, pick your faction – The Allies or The Axis. Your faction will decide which team you’ll be playing on in the game. If there aren’t enough players on one team, you will be transferred to the rival team. Then, pick a unit that is suited to your play style. You have a choice from Assault soldier, Advanced soldier, Sniper and Paratrooper.

Customizing Your Soldier

Once you’ve chosen your unit, the game will take you to the customization screen where you can choose your weapons, armour and other items that will make your soldier stand out. You can also purchase skins to give your soldier a unique look. Once your soldier is ready, it’s time to jump into the game.



The objective of Kogama War 4 is to capture territory by defeating enemy soldiers. You can capture enemy territory by advancing your unit or by utilizing tactical strategies such as laying traps and organising your troops’ movements. Your team wins the round if it is the first to capture the enemy’s headquarters or if it can hold onto its own territory for a set amount of time.

Battle Modes

The game offers a wide variety of battle modes that you can choose from depending on the style of game you want to play. The modes include Domination, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill. Each mode has different rules and objectives that give the game an exciting twist. The game also supports immersive custom multiplayer game modes.


As you progress through the game and complete various tasks, you will earn rewards. The rewards are coins, experience points, customization items and boosts that help boost your progress. You can also purchase coins and other items with real money.


Kogama War 4 can be played on PC and mobile devices, as well as all major web browsers.


Kogama War 4 was developed and published by Kogama Inc.

Release Date

The game was released on March 18th, 2020.

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What platforms is Kogama War 4 available on?

The game is available on PC, web browsers and all major mobile devices.

How do I customize my soldier?

Once you've chosen your unit, the game will take you to the customization screen where you can choose your weapons, armour and other items that give your soldier a unique look.

Does the game offer rewards?

Yes, as you progress through the game, you will earn rewards in the form of coins, experience points, customization items and boosts.

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