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Kogama: DM Rats is a very exciting and fast-paced 3D web game that is especially designed for kids. In the game the players compete with each other in different levels of an underground torture arena, built together with various traps and obstacles.


  • Fast-paced 3D web game
  • Race through various levels with traps and obstacles
  • Collect different power-ups and rewards across the levels
  • Unlock new levels and items
  • Compete with other players for rewards
  • Earn c

    Game Controls

    • WASD - Moving Forward, Backward and Sides
    • mouse - Change View
    • Space Bar - Jump
    • Left Shift - Run
    • Left Mouse Button - Attack

How to Play

Register or Log in

In order to play the Kogama: DM Rats, the player first has to log in with their user data or create a new account. The registration is easy and it should not take much more than a few minutes. After registration is completed


Racing with Opponents

Once the level has been chosen, the player is spawned at the starting screen with his or her opponents. The goal of the game is to race through the levels as quickly and skillfully as possible by avoiding traps, running pa


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Kogama: DM Rats was developed by Kogama and published by Kogama International, a company specializing in 3D online web portals. The game was released in April, 2019 and has been mainly marketed towards children and young adults.

Release Date

Kogama: DM Rats was released in April 2019.

Similar games

Some of the similar games to Kogama: DM Rats are SkyKnights, Tank Trouble, and Pixel Strike.


Do I Need to Create an Account to Play?

Yes, to play the game you need to create an account with Kogama. The registration is easy and it should not take much more than a few minutes.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Finish the Game?

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