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Pixel Warfare 5

Category: Shooting
Tags: Shooting | Minecraft | 3d | Webgl | Battle | Arena | War |

Pixel Warfare 5 is an action-packed first-person shooter game that is set in an 8-bit pixel world. It allows your imagination to run wild in an immersive 3D environment with different levels, weapons and objects. The game can be played alone or with up to 20 players at once. The goal of the game is to get the highest score and eliminate your opponents with a variety of weapons.

Game Controls

  • Movement - WASD / Arrow keys
  • Aim - Left mouse click
  • Jump - Spacebar
  • Sprint - Shift
  • Auto-aim - Right mouse click
  • Use Object - E

How to Play

Starting the Game

The game can be started by either clicking the Play button on the game screen, or by entering a username of your choice. Once the username is entered, you will be taken to the game lobby where you can choose the map or game mode you want to play and select your preferred weapons and power-ups. You can then either start the game or wait for other players to join.

Playing the Game

Once the game starts, your objective is to get the highest score by eliminating your opponents. In order to do this, you must gain access to weapons and power-ups. These can be found scattered around the map. When you use a weapon or power-up, you gain points that allow you to upgrade your character and unlock new items. The game is won when one team reaches the score limit or is the last team standing.

Creating Teams

Pixel Warfare 5 also allows players to form teams in order to compete against other teams. Teams can be formed before or during a game by selecting the ‘Create Team’ option. As the team creator, you have the authority to select team members and assign roles. You can also decide whether the team is open to other players or only members can join.



The main objective in Pixel Warfare 5 is to get the highest score by collected as many points as possible through defeating your enemies and completing objectives. This can be done by eliminating other players and reaching designated areas. Points can also be gained by consuming different power-ups and weapons scattered around the map. Each of these activities gives you points that are accumulated during the game.

Weapons and Power-Ups

Pixel Warfare 5 has a wide range of weapons and power-ups available to use. The weapons available in the game include pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and more. In addition, there are also various special weapons such as rocket launchers, grenades and C4. Power-ups are also littered throughout the map and consist of health, armor, cash and score boosters. These can be used to gain an advantage in the game and boost your chances of victory.


Pixel Warfare 5 includes a variety of different maps and levels for you to explore. These levels can feature different terrains such as forests, deserts, cities, and dungeons. The game also includes a range of interactive objects, such as exploding barrels, vehicles, and other hazards that can be used to your advantage. All of these elements make the game more challenging and exciting.

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