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Kogama Wipeout

Category: Action
Tags: Action | Avoid | 3d | Webgl | Running | Obstacle | Weapon |

Kogama Wipeout is an engaging physics-based web adventure game that is full of surprises and challenges. Players have to make their way through a tricky obstacle course and overcome absurd challenges in order to emerge victorious. Through the game, players can unleash their imaginative side with custom levels and 3D structures that reaches uncompromised creativity. Kogama Wipeout will guarantee hours of fun and challenge, which makes it the perfect game to have some serious fun.


  • Dynamic 3D environments
  • Personalization of levels and obstacles
  • Engaging and challenging gameplay
  • Rewards in the form of coins and points
  • Different levels and stages
  • Competitive leader board

Game Controls

  • W or up arrow: jump
  • A or left arrow: move left
  • S or down arrow: crouch
  • D or right arrow: move right

How to Play

Creating an Account

Before playing Kogama Wipeout players will have to create an account first. By creating an account players can save their progress and keep track of their levels, score and stats. To create an account, the players will have to fill in their name, username, email address and password. Once the account is created, the player can start playing the game.

Game Interface

The game has a very user-friendly interface that allows players to play the game with ease. The left side of the interface has the different levels and stages for the player to choose from. The right side of the interface has the real-time stats and the leader board which includes the player's score. Every time the player passes a level, the points are added to their overall score.



The main objective of Kogama Wipeout is to clear the obstacles without falling off. Players have to get to the end of each level by moving left and right and by jumping to different platforms. The levels increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Additionally, the player can collect coins and other items throughout the game which adds to the score.


As the player progresses through the levels, there are different types of enemies and obstacles that will appear. The enemies can shoot lasers or can be in the form of animals. The enemies are meant to make the game more difficult and challenging for the player. The player has to find a way to get past or overcome the boundaries and the enemies in order to emerge victorious.


  • Kogama Wipeout can be played on a web browser
  • The game is also available on Android devices
  • Kogama Wipeout can also be installed on iOS devices


Kogama Wipeout was developed by Kogama, an independent game development company based in Canada. Kogama was founded in 2014 with the intention of creating innovative and engaging gaming experiences. Since its inception, the company has created various mobile and web-based gaming experiences that have been well received by the gaming community.

Release Date

Kogama Wipeout was originally released in 2017 and has since been updated and improved to continue offering the best gaming experience to its players.

Similar games

Other similar physics-based adventure games are All That Skate, Mango Summer Adventure and Free Death Race. All of these games feature unique levels and different types of obstacles and environment that players must overcome to achieve victory.


What platforms can I play Kogama Wipeout on?

Kogama Wipeout can be played on web browsers, Android devices and iOS devices.

What is the objective of Kogama Wipeout?

The objective of Kogama Wipeout is to clear the obstacles without falling off and reach the end of each level.

Are there multiple levels and stages?

Yes, the game features multiple levels and stages that increase in difficulty as the player progresses.

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