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Nightwalkers.io is a thrilling, adrenaline-filled 3D platform game that induces the spirit of a night walker. Light up your life in Nightwalkers.io as you take control of your hero and explore your surroundings to discover hidden gems and objects of wonder. With its simple yet captivating gameplay and hypnotic background music, Nightwalkers.io is set to become one of the most popular new releases of 2021.


  • 3D platform game
  • Intuitive controls
  • Variety of levels and challenges
  • Power-ups, upgrades and customization options
  • Background music and sound effects
  • Exciting, adrenaline-filled gameplay

Game Controls

  • Left/right arrow keys or A/D keys – move character left/right
  • Up/down arrow keys or W/S keys – jump/crouch
  • Spacebar – throw an object
  • Mouse + left mouse click – activate object/gems

How to Play

Create a Character

The first step in playing Nightwalkers.io is to create your character. You can choose from a variety of looks and customization options including customizing the color of your character and the clothing they wear. You can also decide on the powers and abilities your character has – such as the ability to fly, or to see in the dark. With so many options, you can create a unique character that reflects your personal style.

Control your Character

Using the game controls listed above, you can move your character around the game environment. You can also pick up objects and throw them at enemies, as well as collecting coins and other objects for additional points. You need to be careful when exploring, as the environment is full of challenges and obstacles to overcome – such as spikes and moving platforms.

Collect Gems and Activate Objects

Gems are hidden throughout the game world and can be collected to earn extra points. Activating objects in the game – such as switches and teleports – will open up new parts of the map. You can also use the mouse to activate objects, as well as collecting coins and other objects for additional points.


Levels and Challenges

Nightwalkers.io features a wide variety of levels, ranging from short and easy to long and challenging. Each level is filled with different types of enemies, such as bats and spiders, as well as coins, gems and other secret objects to find. You’ll have to complete the levels within a certain time limit and be careful not to get hurt by the enemies or obstacles. Some levels have time-based challenges that have to be completed in order to progress.


During the game you can pick up power-ups that enable you to do different things. These power-ups can make you move faster, jump higher, shoot lasers or even temporarily make you invulnerable. Additionally, you can purchase permanent upgrades with the coins you collect, such as increased health, increased damage or increased speed.


Nightwalkers.io is available to play on the following platforms: Web, Android, and iOS.


Nightwalkers.io is developed by ArcadeApe, a game studio specializing in creating 3D platform and racing games.

Release Date

Nightwalkers.io was released on February 17th, 2021.

Similar games

Games with similar elements towalkers.io include Super Mario 3D World, Rayman Origins, and Donkey Kong Country Returns.


Can I play Nightwalkers.io on my phone?

Yes, Nightwalkers.io is available to play on Android and iOS devices.

Do I need an internet connection to play Nightwalkers.io?

No, you can Nightwalkers.io without an internet connection.

What type of game is Nightwalkers.io?

Nightwalkers.io is a 3D platform game with exciting gameplay and thrilling levels.

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