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Share Icon is an addictive web game where your goal is to control your helicopter, collect coins, and dodge enemies. Developed for gamers of all ages, the game is simple to play but difficult to master, and will keep gamers enthralled in its vibrant w


  • Vibrant and Engaging Graphics
  • Increasingly Difficult Levels and Challenges
  • Easy to Learn Controls
  • Online Leaderboard to Compete with Friends
  • Variety of Power-ups to Increase the Score

Game Controls

  • Up arrow key - Increases Your Copter’s Altitude
  • Down arrow key - Decreases Your Copter’s Altitude
  • Right arrow key - Move Right
  • Left arrow key - Move Left
  • Right mouse click - Fire Machine Gun

How to Play


The player must control the copter and dodge obstacles, collect coins and shoot enemies. The objective is to reach the highest score as possible. The game has various levels and the player must be able to engage their copter to increa


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

Developer was developed by Ganges Games, a game development studio based in India. The game was released in April 2021 and has been well-received by gamers, with positive reviews.

Release Date was released in April 2021.

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How Do I Play

You must use the arrow keys and the mouse to control the copter. The arrow keys control the direction and altitude of the copter, and the mouse is used to fire the machine gun. The goal of the game is to score as many p

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