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Pokey Ball Jumper is a web-based game that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. It is based in the mystical Pokey land, where the brave PokeyBall must dash, jump and dodge obstacles in order to help the King of Pokey to restore tranquility i


  • Colorful, vibrant visuals
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn controls
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Power-ups and bonuses to help you
  • Daily challenges and events
  • Leaderboards and global

    Game Controls

    • Move left ā€“ press left arrow or the ā€˜Aā€™ key on the keyboard
    • Move right ā€“ press the right arrow or ā€˜Dā€™ key on the keyboard
    • Jump ā€“ press space bar, up arrow, or ā€˜Xā€™ key
    • Dash ā€“ press shift, down arrow or ā€˜Zā€™ key

      How to Play


      In Pokey Ball Jumper, the player must help the King of Pokey restore the kingdom by completing different levels. Each level has a unique variety of obstacles and enemies, the player must use his dexterity and skills to clear the level an


      Zen Mode

      The Zen Mode of Pokey Ball Jumper is perfect for those seeking a calmer gaming experience. This mode will allow you to take the time to explore the levels and collect all the coins and power-ups, without having to worry about dodging e


      • Web
      • Android
      • iOS


      Pokey Ball Jumper was developed by the game studio Tomaverse, a small indie game studio from New York City. Tomaverse is known for their games that feature quirky and unique visuals, challenging gameplay and catchy soundtracks. They specialize in makin

      Release Date

      Pokey Ball Jumper was originally released in June 2020 and has been updated regularly since then with new levels, features, and challenges.

      Similar games

      Pokey Ball Jumper is similar to other games such as Slomo Jump, Super Chibi Run and Blast and Dash, which are all casual games featuring platforming and action-adventure elements. All of these games involve navigating increasingly difficult levels, whi


      What is Pokey Ball Jumper?

      Pokey Ball Jumper is a web-based platformer game that challenges players to complete levels and save the King of Pokey. It features colorful visuals, intuitive controls, and great audio.

      How many levels are the

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