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Catch the Candy

Category: Action
Tags: 1Player | 2d | Ball | Candy | Click | Physics | Physicsboxes |

Catch the Candy is a fun, colorful, and challenging game that can be played on the web, Android and iOS devices. The objective is to swing the cute little character around and make it catch the candy in each level. The game requires a lot of skill, agility and a good understanding of the level structure. It has a vibrant art style that appeals to players of all ages.


  • Over 50 levels with increasing difficulty
  • Vibrant art style
  • Cheerful soundtrack
  • Challenge mode with 30 levels
  • Player upgrades and power-ups
  • Smooth game mechanics
  • Boss Battles

Game Controls

  • Movement - Press keyboard arrow keys or drag your mouse to move the character in different directions
  • Jump - Spacebar or click to make the character jump
  • Swing - Click and hold the mouse button to sling the character around and make it catch candy

How to Play

Choose Your Level

When you launch the game, you will be taken to the main menu where you can select a level of your choice. You can play the game in classic or challenge mode. Classic mode follows the storyline, while challenge mode offers 30 levels with increasing difficulty.

Create a Path

Your goal is to help your character reach the candy by creating a path with the help of a swinging rope mechanism. You will need to think ahead, calculate the entry and exit point and estimate distance and speed in order to swing your character to the right spot. You can use the keyboard arrow keys or mouse to move the character around, and the spacebar or click button to make the character jump.

Collect All The Candies

Once you get to the candy, you will need to use the swinging rope mechanism again to move the character around and exit the level with all the collected candies. The candies can also be used to buy helpful upgrades and power-ups that can help you complete the level faster and more efficiently.


Game Mechanics

The game mechanics include a combination of physics, puzzles, and swinging movements to complete the levels. You will need to carefully calculate your trajectory, speed, and the angle of the swing to get your character to the candy. There are obstacles in each level that you will need to overcome in order to reach the target. You can also collect stars in each level that can be used to buy helpful upgrades.


The game features over 50 levels with increasing difficulty. Every level provides unique challenges and requires new strategies to complete. There is also a boss battle level at the end of each story arc. You will need to be quick and agile to defeat the bosses.


Catch the Candy has a vibrant and vibrant art style that immerses players into the world of candy and adventure. The colorful characters and objects make the game more visually appealing. The game also has a cheerful soundtrack that adds to its overall appeal.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


The game was developed and published by Superlative Studios.

Release Date

The game was originally released in 2018.

Similar games

Catch the Candy is similar to games such as FreeRider HD, Get the Cubies, Block Party and Super Frog.


Is Catch the Candy available on other platforms?

Yes, the game is available on web, Android and iOS devices.

How many levels are there?

Catch the Candy has over 50 levels of increasing difficulty.

Is there a boss battle in the game?

Yes, there is a boss battle at the end of each story arc.

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