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Stack Fall is a top-down puzzle game developed by Wild Sheep Studios where the objective is to land the stack of blocks on their corresponding pads at the bottom of the screen. The game features 4 different levels – Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert, each


  • Four challenging levels – Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert
  • A timer at the top of the screen for faster completion times
  • Drag and drop blocks into the play field
  • Rotate blocks to fit the pattern of the level
  • Bonus point

    Game Controls

    • Left & Right Arrows to move the blocks
    • Down Arrow to drop the blocks
    • Spacebar to rotate the blocks

How to Play

Firstly, select the level you wish to play from the four options – Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. In each level, the goal is to stack all of the blocks on their respective pads at the bottom of the screen. The game is played using the up, down, left, r


Stack Fall is available on Web, Android and iOS devices.


Stack Fall is developed by Wild Sheep Studios, a game development studio that specializes in puzzle games.

Release Date

Stack Fall was released on 01 April 2021.

Similar games

Stack Fall is similar to other puzzle games such as Columns, Bejeweled and Bubble Puzzle.


How many levels does Stack Fall have?

Stack Fall currently has four levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Each level has a unique set of blocks and pads and increases in difficulty as you progress.

Are there any special features in Stac

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