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Minecraft Classic


Minecraft Classic is an open world sandbox game developed by Mojang and is a widely popular and widely acclaimed game. In Minecraft Classic, players can explore the world, build structures, battle entities, craft items, and more. Minecraft Classic is the original version of Minecraft and the first game to use the game engine. The game is a classic adventure game with no end set in the block-based world with a unique style.


  • Open world sandbox game with no end.
  • Explore the world and discover new places.
  • Mines resources like coal, iron, and diamonds.
  • Craft weapons and tools for defense against hostile mobs.
  • Build structures for shelter and protection.
  • Use redstone contraptions to create switches and doors.
  • Multiple game modes available.
  • Play alone or with friends in a multiplayer environment.

Game Controls

  • WSAD - used to move the Player.
  • Spacebar - used to jump.
  • Mouse - used to look around, left-click is used to attack monsters, and right-click is used to place blocks.
  • E - Used to open the player inventory.
  • R - Used to cycle between the player inventory and the crafting menu.
  • Q - Used to select the block in the hotbar.
  • 1-9 - used to switch between the blocks in the hotbar.
  • Shift - used to sneak.

How to Play

Spawning in the game

When you first start the game you will spawn in the game world and be standing at the main spawn point. To start the game you will need to create a plan of action before entering the world. This could be creating shelters, food sources, tools, etc.

Moving Around

To move around the player will use the movement controls. You move the camera by moving the mouse and pressing the W, A, S, and D keys. To jump the player will press the spacebar on the keyboard. To move left, right, or back the player will press the respective directional keys. You can also press Shift to sneak.

Interacting with the world

Interacting with the world is how the player is able to progress in the game. To interact with the world the players will use the mouse. To pick up blocks, interact with NPCs, and craft items simply left-click. Right-click is used to place blocks. With the players inventory being accessible by pressing the E key, you can select the block you would like to use by pressing the number buttons 1-9.


Exploring and Gathering

The main objective of the game is to explore the world and gather resources. The player will explore and gather resources in order to survive and progress in the game. The player will be able to explore the world and discover new areas and features. The player can also mine resources like coal, iron, and diamonds. The player can also collect other items like wood and stone by chopping trees and mining stone.

Crafting and Building

The player can use the resources gathered to craft items like tools, weapons, and armor, as well as build structures. Crafting requires the use of the crafting table, which is accessible by pressing the "E" key. The player can craft tools such as swords, axes, and pickaxes, as well as armor using leather, iron, and diamond. The player can also build structures using blocks like wood, stone, and cobblestone. The player can also create redstone contraptions such as switches and doors.

Fighting Monsters

Minecraft Classic also contains hostile enemy mobs such as creepers, spiders, and zombies. The player must be prepared to defend themselves against these monsters if they wish to survive. The player can use a range of weapons such as swords, axes, and bows to defend themselves against the monsters. Additionally, the player can build structures to protect themselves from hostile mobs.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Minecraft Classic was developed by Mojang. Mojang is a Swedish video game development studio founded by Markus Persson in 2009. They are best known for the global phenomenon that is Minecraft but have also developed games like Scrolls and Cobalt.

Release Date

Minecraft Classic was released in 2009 on May 16th.

Similar games

There are a number of other popular sandbox building games such as Roblox, Terraria, and Dragon Quest Builders. These games provide a similar experience to Minecraft Classic, but with different settings, objects, and tools.


What platforms can I play Minecraft Classic on?

Minecraft Classic is available on Web, Android, and iOS.

Is there a multiplayer mode for Minecraft Classic?

Yes, there is a multiplayer mode for Minecraft Classic which allows you to play with your friends.

What resources can I mine in Minecraft Classic?

  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Diamond
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone

Game Controls


Move Up
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right


Destroy/Place Blocks
Left Click
Toggle Build Mode
Right Click
Choose a Block
Number Keys
Save the Position


Load the Position
Open Blocks Menu
Toggle Fog
Ufo X


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