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Night Mad City

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Night Mad City is an action-packed, 3D web game where you can experience the thrilling city nightlife. As you control your character, you’ll have to race against time to beat the clock and complete challenging missions. You can take on different villains, perform heroic deeds and ultimately level-up your character. The game has realistic graphics and intense action sequences to create a believable and suspenseful atmosphere.


  • Action-packed 3D web game with realistic graphics
  • Customizable characters and levels
  • Various mission types - chase missions, shooting missions, assassination missions, puzzle missions, and boss fights
  • Beautiful vibrant city to explore
  • Collect coins, experience points, and items
  • Unlock new levels, items, weapons, vehicles, gadgets, missions, and villains

Game Controls

  • Space Bar - jump
  • W, A, S, and D keys - move
  • Mouse - move & aim
  • Left-click - shot

How to Play

Starting the Game

Once you open the game, the tutorial will pop up, guiding you through the controls and gameplay. Then, you can choose the difficulty level - easy, medium, or hard. After that, you’ll be asked to customize your character's features, like the skin color, clothing, and even emotional expression. After you’re done customizing, you’re all set to start the first mission of the game.

Taking on Missions

Each mission can vary, either having chase or shooting sequence, or a boss fight. While racing through the city nightlife, you have to find and collect items or defeat enemies in order to succeed. You also have to be careful because every time you get hit you lose some health until you eventually die. The better you do, the more coins, experience points, and items you’ll collect.

Leveling-up Your Character

Earning experience points allows you to progress your character and gives you access to different levels. As you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock more items, like weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. Unlocking new items allows you to equip your character so you can become more proficient and explore the game. In addition, you’ll gain access to different unique, thrilling missions as you progress.


Mission types

In the game, you can tackle all sorts of missions. Chase and shooting missions have you speed through the busy city streets, racing for time as you find items and shoot your enemies. Additionally, you can try assassination missions where you have to wreak havoc, the puzzle missions where you have to solve tough brain-teasers, or boss fights where you take down powerful villains.

Exploring the City

You can explore the beautiful, vivid city nightlife, as you travel through different areas. There are back alleys, underground cities, and other secret places to explore. As you watch the neon signs light up along the streets, you’ll encounter new characters with whom you can interact. You’ll come across different obstacles, such as fire pits, fan blades, and icy water, as you make your way through the levels and progress your character.


  • Web browser
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices


Night Mad City was developed by Semi Sauce Entertainment Private Limited, a renowned Indian game development studio.

Release Date

Night Mad City was released worldwide on April 15, 2021.

Similar games

Night Mad City is similar to the popular game Grand Theft Auto, however, the graphics are more realistic and intense. This game also very much resembles Cyberpunk 2077 due to its immersive sci-fi theme and 3D graphics.


How do I start playing Night Mad City?

You can start playing the game by opening it on your web browser, Android device, or iOS device. Once you open the game, you’ll have to choose the difficulty level, customize your character's features, and complete the tutorial. After that, you’re all set to start your first mission.

How do I unlock items in Night Mad City?

In Night Mad City, you can unlock various items, such as weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, as you progress through the levels. You can become eligible for new levels by collecting enough experience points, coins, and items.

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