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What I'd Wear If I Were A is a free web game that is suitable for young children. It is designed to teach children more about different types of clothing and accessories while showcasing creativity. It allows kids to try on various outfits to figure o


  • Ability to customize avatars and create unique outfits
  • Wide selection of clothing to choose from
  • Ability to mix and match items of clothing and accessories
  • Option to customize items in terms of color, size and st

    Game Controls

    • Use the arrow keys to select your choice of clothing
    • Use the mouse to click on the clothing
    • Drag and drop items of clothing onto the character
    • Press the space bar to preview the outfit

How to Play

The aim of What I'd Wear If I Were A is for the player to create different outfits for the avatar. The player starts by selecting the avatar which is the character they want to create outfits for. There are various options such as a princess, a super h


What I'd Wear If I Were A offers players an entertaining and fun experience. The game is simple to play, but provides plenty of content. The game has different levels and each one requires the players to mix and match unique items in order to create th


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


What I'd Wear If I Were A is developed by Fun Labs. Fun Labs is a game development studio dedicated to creating fun and innovative games for children. Their focus is to bring imagination and creativity to their games and to make learning enjoyable. Release Date

The game was launched on January 1st, 2021.

Similar games

What I'd Wear If I Were A is similar to other dress-up and fashion games such as Style Me Up! and Fashion Story. These games have a similar objective of helping players dress up their avatar and creating unique garments. There are also games such as Dr


How do I get more clothing and accessories?

You can purchase more clothing and accessories with coins which can be collected while playing the game.

Do I have to play with an avatar?

No, you don't have to play with an avatar, but

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