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Dragon Simulator 3D is a fun, entertaining game full of action, adventure and real-life simulations. You can explore an exciting 3D world from the perspective of a dragon and experience the life of a dragon first-hand. With its realistic graphics and l


  • Realistic 3D world
  • Beautiful visuals and quality audio
  • Four different dragon breeds
  • Interactive elements like fishing and mining gold
  • Fight creatures and dragons
  • Play missions and complete challe

    Game Controls

    • Movement: Keyboard arrows + drag mouse
    • Jump/Fly: Spacebar
    • Fire/Breathe: Right mouse click
    • Stop time: P keys
    • Start/Stop skill: Q & E keys
    • Call allies: C key
    • Interactions: F key
    • How to Play

      Create Your Character

      The first step is to create your own character. You get to choose from four dragon breeds – the ancient fire dragon, the sooty air dragon, the steel earth dragon and the feral water dragon. You can customize the look of yo


      Fly and Explore

      The game gives you the freedom to explore the 3D world and use the dragon's natural flying skills to discover new locations and find hidden treasures, coins and rewards. The game also offers different racing modes, where you com


      • Web
      • Android
      • iOS


      Dragon Simulator 3D is developed by Orangepixel, the studio behind the popular titles Meganoid and Space Grunts.

      Release Date

      Dragon Simulator 3D was released on December 1, 2020.

      Similar games

      If you’re looking for more games like Dragon Simulator 3D, you should check out Dragon World, Dragon Wings, and Beat the Dragon.


      Can I customize my dragon?

      Yes, you can customize your dragon with different accessories and looks. You can add unique designs and have the dragon look exactly as you want it.

      How do I use the dragon’s fire breath?

      You can use th

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