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Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby

Category: Driving
Tags: Crash | Simulation |

Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby is a fast-paced car demolition game that immerses players in an intense fight for survival in a virtual arena. Players must demolish as many cars as they can while avoiding getting demolished themselves by the relentless opponent cars that als attempt to crash into you.


  • Fast-paced car demolition game
  • Day and night mode with unique visuals
  • A variety of cars, power-ups, and tracks to choose from
  • Multiplayer mode with up to 8 players
  • Competitive leagues with rewards and prizes

Game Controls

  • Steering: Left and Right Arrow Keys
  • Speed Up: Up Arrow Key
  • Apply Nitrous Oxide: Space Bar
  • Fire Rocket: X Key

How to Play

Choose a car

There are many types of cars to choose from and each car has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. After selecting the desired car, players can customize their car by selecting from a plethora of power-ups, including rocket launchers, nitrous oxide, and missile defenses. The cars’ designs can also be customized to the player's liking.

Begin the Race

Once the car has been customized, players are ready to begin the demolition derby. Players must race around the track, smashing any car that stands in their way. All the while, they must avoid being hit by the other cars and power-ups. As the race progresses, more and more cars will join in on the demolition, creating an even more chaotic and exciting atmosphere.

Unleash Power-Ups

Throughout the race, players can pick up power-ups that will give them an extra boost or help protect them from other cars. The Nitrous Oxide and rocket launchers can be used to demolish cars and cause explosions that can clear a path between the players and the finish line. The missile defense system can help protect the players from incoming attacks.

Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is to demolish as many cars as possible while avoiding getting demolished yourself. Each round lasts for a limited amount of time and at the end of each round, the player with the highest score will be crowned the champion. The top three players in each race will receive rewards and prizes for their efforts.


Day and Night Mode

The game features a unique day and night mode. The day mode features bright, colorful visuals with a wide variety of cars, power-ups, and tracks to choose from. In the night mode, the game takes on a darker, more sinister tone with dimly lit tracks, menacing cars, and powerful power-ups.

Real-Time Racing

Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby is an online game and players can race against each other in real-time. In multiplayer mode, up to eight players can compete against one another to get the highest score. Players can work together to demolish cars and earn rewards while trying to outwit their opponents.

Competitive Leagues

The game also features competitive leagues that allow players to compete for top spots in the rankings and receive rewards for their efforts. Whenever a competition ends, the players in the leaderboard will receive rewards such as in-game currency, new cars, and customization options.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby is developed by LXG, Inc., a game development studio that specializes in fast-paced, action-packed games.

Release Date

Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby was released on June 21, 2021.

Similar games

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Is Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby available on mobile?

Yes, Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby is available on both Android and iOS devices.

How many cars can I play with?

You can play with up to 8 cars in multiplayer mode.

Is there a cost to play the game?

No, Xtreme Demolition Arena Derby is free to play.

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