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Drifting Games

Drifting is the art of driving cars at high speeds while exceeding the limits of friction. The main objective of drifting games is to maneuver your vehicle around the track at maximum speed, while also staying in control. As you slide your way around each corner, you must maintain a balance between fuel and air, and ensure that your car does not spin out of control.

Types of Drifting Games

Different Drifting games allow players to choose from a variety of tracks, cars, and game modes, from regular street-racing to off-road rallying and even snow drifting. Players can also choose from a variety of customisation options, such as weapon upgrades or performance-enhancing parts.

Best Browser Drifting Games

Here are some of the best browser-based Drifting games on All of them capture the adrenaline-fueled action with realistic graphics and smooth gameplay – guaranteed to give you a great time!
  • Burning Wheels by Jestercraft
  • Drift Zone by Lumo Developments
  • Dirt Drift by Straylight Games
  • Drift Legends by Codemasters Racing
  • King of the Road by Gauss Creek Studios
No matter which browser-based Drifting game you choose, you are guaranteed to have an absolute blast as you slide your way around the track! Try them all out on and see which one fits you best.