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Real Cars Extreme Racing

Category: Driving
Tags: Driving | 2 Player | Stunt | 3d | Webgl | Simulation | Car |

Real Cars Extreme Racing is an action-packed and thrilling 3D car racing game with several game modes.



You can put your career skills to the test in many different areas. These are "Race", “Against Time", “Stunt”, "Checkpoint", and "Fly Parkour", respectively. The completion degree determines how many stars you get. Career mode can allow for a maximum of 540 stars.In "Race" mode, there are 36 racetracks. Race with 7 Artificial Intelligence. If you are in the top 3, you will be able to advance to the next race track. You earn money based on how long you race. You will also get money for the damage points, drift points and flight points that you earn during the race.In "Time Against" mode, you race against time. There are 36 tracks in total. You rate the racetrack based on when it is reached. Find star ratings here. These star ratings allow you to buy supercars and new models.You can perform stunts on 36 racetracks to get to the finish line in "Stunt" mode. Skill is required to reach the finish line on difficult race tracks in time.You can only reach the finish line in "Checkpoint" mode by clearing obstacles on 12 racetracks.Fly in "Fly Parkour" mode. Are you able to get to the finish line without having to stop?With the stars earned in the "Career", you can buy new vehicles. You can also buy new vehicles or increase your engine power with the money you earn.

Free Driving

You can get free rides in big cities. You will find large buildings, wide streets and stunt areas in the free mode area. There are also many other mysterious areas. 60 gems are hidden throughout the city. These gems can be used to purchase new cars. Every 300 seconds (or 5 minutes and 30 seconds), the "Reward" table is opened. You earn money by accumulating flight points, damage, drift and damage in this "Reward" tableau. If you wait 300 seconds, you can get good rewards. The vehicle opens automatically when the number of keys has reached a certain point.

Hot Chase

Police want to capture you because they are following vehicles. Are you ready for an exciting chase? This mode has the "HP" value. Our "HP" value is decreased if we are caught fleeing the cops. Avoid the police. The cops will always be after you. You will be arrested if your "HP" value reaches 0. You will be arrested by the police

Battle Arena

Prepare for action-packed battlegrounds. On the specially-designed battlefield, 8 racers will display their talents. There are three special abilities: Damage X5, HP +25, and SHIELD. These skills will allow you to defeat your opponent.The last man standing is the winner. This mode allows vehicles to crash and explode. When the vehicle's HP drops below 0, it explodes. An opponent with 0 HP will withdraw. When you explode another bomb, your HP + 20 is increased. You will receive ranking rewards at the conclusion of the battle. These ranking rewards can only be earned by being in the top 3. Let's go on the field and roar like lions.

Mr. Policeman

You are a police officer and have the responsibility of catching criminals. You have limited time and criminals are running away. You have a limited time and must catch them before they run out of time. Criminals will come in waves. You need to strike them and reduce their HP to 0.

Two Players (2P VERSUS)

Race with your friends using the same computer, but with only half of the screen. There are 12 different race tracks. Show who is the best driver.

Ufo X


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