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Police Games

Police games are as popular now as they have been over the last few decades. Primarily, these video and browser-based games involve a protagonist trying to bring justice and peace back to a city overrun by crime. Police games come in a variety of forms, each with its own unique set of features and styles. Examples of police games include Driving, Adventure, Role Playing, Shooter and Strategy games.

Types of Police Games

Police games offer countless types of action to satisfy even the most daring gaming enthusiast. From car chases to shootouts, there is something for everyone. Below is a list of the most popular types of police games available on LupyGames.com:

  • Driving – Players can become a cop car driver and save the city from criminal gangs by chasing them down and arresting them. Players will have to navigate narrow roads, navigate obstacles and keep their car going at high speeds in order to complete the mission.
  • Adventure – Players take on the role of a police officer who is trying to solve various cases. Players must launch investigations, interrogate suspects and find clues to bring the criminals to justice.
  • Role Playing – This popular police game genre allows the player to take on the role of a police officer in an imaginary world. The gameplay is focused on actions and words as players must progress through different storylines, including side-missions.
  • Shooter – Players must face strong criminal gangs by shooting them down with accurate gunplay. These games usually have a lot in common with war games, as the aim is to destroy, rather than arrest the criminals.
  • Strategy – Players are in charge of a team of police officers who must work together to bring criminals to justice. Players must use tactical strategies, like cage traps, traps to lure criminals and use deception to their advantage.

Best Browser Police Games

LupyGames.com offers a wide selection of police games. Some of the highest rated police games on the web include:

  • Police Car Chase Simulator – This driving game allows players to join the police force, hop in a police car and race through the city streets, hunting down criminals like a true cop officer.
  • Police Sniper 3D – In this tactical shooter game, players must protect the city from the threat of threatening gangs, terrorist cells, mobsters and rogue government agents. Test your skills as a precise and highly trained sniper.
  • Police Pursuit – This is an exciting adventure game which puts players in the shoes of an undercover police detective. Solve cases, interrogate criminals and bring justice back to the city.
  • Robbery on Alcatraz – This fun and challenging strategy game puts the player in control of the police team assigned to capture and apprehend the notorious robbers who are hiding on Alcatraz Island.

Police games offer players the chance to experience firsthand the thrill of a police officer as they investigate crime and bring justice to the world. If you’re looking for thrilling police games, then LupyGames.com has something for you!