Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas

Category: Action

Game Controls

*wasd* = move *q* = web *t* = open nearby garage *shift* = run *space* = jump *x* = switch gun *g* = grenade *f* = interaction
Are your ready for great anti criminal adventure? Be ready to rob, kill, shoot and fight all the criminals! Stealing auto cars, racing through streets, and shooting down gangsters. Do you have enough guts to rise to the top of the criminal piles? Try out all the supercars and bikes. Make stunts on a bmx or find an ultimate F-90 tank or devastating battle helicopter. You have special real powers. You can shoot dangerous laser beam from your eyes. You can shoot a rope to a building and climb over the building to the top. Your legs also very powerful. Don't underestimate them. Don't mess with the police, they are the good ones. Have fun. ▪ Visually stunning graphics, character and army vehicle models, Helicopter, Air fighter, etc. ▪ HD quality graphics ▪ Hours of gameplay ▪ ingame shop ▪ Guns to buy and shoot ▪ Off road terrains to explore ▪ Realistic car drifting

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