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Dead Zed is an enjoyable first-person shooter game. The objective is to protect your post from the zombies that will try to attack you. As your post comes under attack, you’ll find yourself fighting to survive waves of them coming your way. You get to


  • First person shooter game with zombies
  • Different kinds of weapons to choose from.
  • A variety of zombies to fight with.
  • Search more than 200+ locations.
  • Upgrade weapons and characters.
  • Destroy zombie tro

    Game Controls

    • Movement – WASD
    • Aim & Shoot – Mouse Cursor
    • Change Weapon – 1,2,3 and E
    • Reload – R
    • Night Vision – N

How to Play

Setting up the Game

When you first launch the game, you'll be greeted with a menu screen from which you can select among a variety of options to get started. Here you can select the game mode, choose the difficulty level and customize your char


Fighting Zombies

To survive the zombie attack, you can find cover in the post and take them out as they come closer. If you want to fight from far away, you can use the sniper rifle to take them out from a distance. You can also use the shotgun


  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android


Dead Zed was developed by the Not Doppler studio. The company is renowned for developing popular browser games and mobile games for iOS and Android platforms. The Not Doppler team is also popular for its creative and innovative game ideas and story-dri

Release Date

Dead Zed was released on August 16, 2013.

Similar games

If you’re looking for games similar to Dead Zed, you may try out Zombie Hunters, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombie Derby. These games have similar mechanics where you fight against waves of zombies, upgrade weapons, and explore locations.


What kind of weapons can I use in Dead Zed?

There are a variety of weapons to choose from in Dead Zed. You can use pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more. You can also find explosives and special items while scavenging for supplies.

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