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Adam and Eve: Snow is one of the latest additions to the popular series of Adam & Eve games. It is an exciting adventure game, filled with puzzles and challenges to overcome as you help Adam & Eve survive in the wintery world. The game has an intense a


  • Intense storyline with challenging puzzles
  • Beautifully-crafted hand-drawn graphics
  • Mini-games to solve the puzzles
  • Items to be collected to progress
  • Music and sounds effects to create an immersive atm

    Game Controls

    • Mouse click - click and drag to collect items, select options, open doors
    • Space bar - jump, select
    • E - interact, use items
    • Arrow keys - move Adam & Eve

How to Play

Starting the Game

To start the game, select the start game option from the main menu. This will launch you into Adam & Eve's world. You will be given a brief introduction to the story and your mission. After this, the game begins and Adam & Eve


Collecting Items

Scattered throughout the world of Adam & Eve: Snow are items that you can collect. Some items such as keys can help unlock doors and progress to other areas, as well as collect axes, skis, and snowballs. Collected items can be


Adam and Eve: Snow is available on the web, on Android, and on iOS devices.


Adam & Eve: Snow was developed by Artipia Games, the same studio that created the popular Adam & Eve series.

Release Date

Adam and Eve: Snow was released in December 2020.

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How do I move Adam & Eve?

You can move Adam & Eve around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

What items can I collect?

  • Keys
  • Axes
  • Skis
  • Snowballs

How do I use the items I

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