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Flying Car Extreme Simulator is an immersive and highly detailed vehicle simulation game where you can experience all the joys of flying and driving an all-terrain vehicle. You can explore, race, and compete in dangerous missions all while enjoying rea


The features of Flying Car Extreme Simulator are:

  • Vast selection of maps and environment to explore
  • Selection of vehicles to choose from, ranging from off-road jeeps, motorcycles to flying cars
  • Special abilities to use including

    Game Controls

    Flying Car Extreme Simulator offers a variety of game controls:

    • Analog stick - make the car turn, accelerate and brake
    • Action buttons - jump, boost and use special abilities like the parachute
    • Radar - track nearest vehicles, pow

How to Play

Welcome Screen

When launching the game you will be greeted by an exciting welcome screen. Here you will be able to select your desired mode. You can either choose the free roam mode to simply explore the map, career mode to race in order to unl


Core Mechanics

At the core of Flying Car Extreme Simulator are the mechanics for driving an all-terrain vehicle. You will have to balance acceleration with braking to move forward and turn corners. You need to keep an eye out for obstacles to m


Players can enjoy Flying Car Extreme Simulator on the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


The developer behind Flying Car Extreme Simulator is the well-known game studio XGAMES. The team has a track record of successfully launching popular racing games that offer thrilling, vibrant, and immersive experiences.

Release Date

Flying Car Extreme Simulator was released in September 2020.

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What types of vehicles are available?

Flying Car Extreme Simulator offers a selection of vehicles, ranging from off-road jeeps, motorcycles, regular cars and flying cars. You can customize each one of these vehicles with unique colors and grap

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