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You seriously haven't played a game like Penguin Diner in a while - it brings genuine laughs, it's very easy to master, and it's free to play!

Penguin Diner is a really entertaining game. It has tricky gameplay, funny voices of th

Game Controls

Just like any free-to-play game, Penguin Diner has some very simple controls:

  • Use the mouse to navigate the menus.
  • Left-click to sit down with customers, select tables, grab food, and more.

How to Play


Every fancy diner has its seating procedure. Seat your customers when they arrive. Click on them and then click on a table to have them seated. Be sure to do it quickly in order to avoid a queue.


Click on


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • iOS
  • Android


Penguin Diner is developed by BigWig Media – an independent game-developing company. They are responsible for some quite popular games like Penguin Diner, the follow-up series, The Scruffs series, and Hot Dog Bush.

Release Date

The Penguin Diner game was released a while ago, but it went through several incarnations. It was initially released as a flash game sometime in 2008, but since February 11, 2021 it utilizes HTML5 and is playable on mobile browsers.

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