Penguin Diner

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Penguin Diner

Penny the Penguin goes off track during an Antarctic trek and finds herself completely lost and broke. Help Penny earn enough money to get her home to her family

Game Controls

Just like any free-to-play game, Penguin Diner has some very simple controls:

  • Use the mouse to navigate the menus.
  • Left-click to sit down with customers, select tables, grab food, and more

How to Play


Every fancy diner has its seating procedure. Seat your customers when they arrive. Click on them and then click on a table to have them seated. Be sure to do it quickly in order to avoid a queue.


Click on the customers once they say “Hello” (this way they indicate that they’re ready with their order). Click on them to take it. And again – be as quick as possible, you don’t want them to leave!


Once the order is ready, it will appear on the big white table. Click on the dish to select it, then deliver it to your customer with a click. Don’t make your clients wait, keep them happy!


When your customers are done with their meal, your penguin clients will leave the diner. But first, they will leave you your coins! Again, collect them with a click. When finished with that, the table will be ready for your next customer.


Your waiter career starts at the Hill top café. As you improve and progress, you can advance to the fancier Ice Rink Café and the Iceberg Café (the final one).


  • Watch the clock. Your closing time is 9.00 PM.
  • Use the trash can to dump the meals of the angry clients.
  • You’ll be rewarded for your quick serving with an extra tip!
  • You can schedule moves ahead. Simply click on where you want to go next. Penny will attend it after she finishes whatever she’s doing now.


The game is rather slow. The general movement of both Penny and the customers is slow. Then again, they are penguins…


Use the money you earn to improve your shop. You can upgrade your skates, the TV set, and the seats. Each of them has three levels of upgrades. Entrepreneurship 101 – the more you invest, the more you’ll earn.

  • Better skates will increase your speed.
  • An improved TV will increase the customers’ patience and they’ll be willing to wait more before seating.
  • Comfier seats will secure you a better tip.

With your help, she can even find a better job at the ice rink cafe!


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • iOS
  • Android


Penguin diner is developed by BigWig media – an independent game developing company. They are responsible for some quite popular games like Penguin Diner, the follow-up series, The Scruffs series and Hot Dog Bush.

Release Date

The Penguin diner game was released a while ago, but it went through several incarnations. It was initially released as a flash game sometime in 2008, but since February 11, 2021, it utilizes HTML5 and is playable on mobile browsers.

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