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Casual Weekend Fashionistas

Category: Beauty
Tags: Dressup | Makeover | Girls |

Casual Weekend Fashionistas is a interactive, colorful and vibrant web game. It is aimed at all ages, specifically young children who love to dress up and accessorize their look. It is designed to nurture the free-spirited fashionista in us all! Furthermore, the game is about combining fun and educational elements, providing a comprehensive and fun way to learn about fashion.


  • Interactive, user-friendly gameplay.
  • Ability to customize the character's appearance.
  • Creative tools for changing colors and creating new styles.
  • Progress tracking system to keep track of your level.
  • Friendly background music.

Game Controls

  • Mouse click and drag
  • Arrow keys
  • Spacebar

How to Play

Objective of the Game

The objective of Casual Weekend Fashionistas is to dress up and accessorize a character or yourself. You will change the character's entire look by playing with different clothes, shoes and accessories. There are also tools to change the color of items and create new outfits!


Casual Weekend Fashionistas consists of six levels. In the first level, you will meet the character and create their profile. Here you choose your favorite colors, hairstyle and other features. In the remaining five levels, you will dress the character up and make them look fabulous! You can save your looks to try later.


User Interface

The game contains an interactive user interface that is designed to appeal to all ages. There is a dashboard where your chosen character is displayed along with the clothing and accessory items. The dashboard also contains shortcuts for changing backgrounds, hairstyles and colors. Additionally, there are two windows for browsing clothing and accessories and a palette for changing the colors of items.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics are very simple and easy to understand. You simply have to drag and drop the clothes and accessories onto the character in order to change their look. You can also change the color of the items using the palette. Once you have finished a look, you can save it or continue to tweak it, building on the previous look. In order to progress to the next level, you have to save at least three different looks.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Casual Weekend Fashionistas was developed by PuzzleTronics Inc., a leading provider of digital games and apps for children. The team consists of game designers, artists and programmers with many years of experience in creating digital games for children.

Release Date

Casual Weekend Fashionistas was released in November 2017.

Similar games

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How do I progress through the levels?

You can progress through the levels by creating new looks using the clothes and accessories available. You must save at least 3 different looks in order to progress to the next level.

What platforms is the game available on?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

Who developed the game?

Casual Weekend Fashionistas was developed by PuzzleTronics Inc., a leading provider of digital games and apps for children.

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