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Kogama: World Racing

Category: Driving
Tags: Driving | 3d | Webgl | Car | Kart | Multiplayer | Kogama |

Kogama: World Racing is a thrilling and exciting 3D multi-player video game that allows gamers to hop into exotic virtual cars and race around an electrifying track. It is an action-packed game that promises of hours of endless fun. With stunning graphics and an efficient design, Kogama: World Racing is sure to get racers going.


  • Championship racing
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • Exotic cars to collect and upgrade
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Diverse obstacles and hazards
  • Rewards for successful performance
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Global leaderboards

Game Controls

Pressing the up arrow key helps with acceleration; the left and right arrow keys help with steering; Space bar is for the boosts and Z key is for the handbrake.

How to Play

Joining A Race

In order to play Kogama: World Racing, the first step is to join a race. To do so, the player needs to choose a track and drag the car at the bottom of the start window to the left or right. If a track has already started, the player can hop in at any time. Once the race starts, there is no turning back.


In Kogama: World Racing, the player's mission is to finish as many laps as possible before the time runs out. After the time has elapsed, the player with the highest number of laps wins the race. The players can also collect coins during their race which can be used later to purchase cars or upgrades.

Upgrading Cars

Players can purchase upgrades for their cars using coins earned during the races. Upgrades range from speed boosts to better acceleration and handling. Upgrading a car helps ensure that the player is able to keep up with the harsher competition.


Players & Obstacles

Kogama: World Racing allows players to join with other players in real-time to compete and win races. During their race, they will encounter obstacles and tough competition and will need to prevent crashing against the walls, other cars, and hazardous objects. Players will have to make use of their skills to get the best time during their race.

Levels & Rewards

Kogama: World Racing has multiple levels with various rewards. From coins to unlock cars, there is no shortage of rewards for those who compete and perform well in the game. Every lap, the player can earn points, coins, or other rewards.

Achievements & Leaderboard

The game also has achievements and leaderboards. Players can view their scores and compare them to global scores to see how they measure up against other Kogama: World Racing players around the world. It is also possible to earn special rewards for completing specific tasks.


Kogama: World Racing is available on Android and iOS devices. The game can also be play online via web browsers through the Kogama website.


Kogama: World Racing was developed by the French game developer Kogama.

Release Date

Kogama: World Racing was released on May 31st 2016.

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How can I upgrade my car?

You can upgrade your car by using the coins you have collected during the races.

What is the maximum speed I can achieve?

The maximum speed of your car depends on the upgrades you have and the track you are playing on.

Are there special rewards for achieving certain tasks?

Yes, there are special rewards for achieving certain tasks. You can see a list of the rewards in the “Achievements” tab of the game.

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