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Mahjong Quest is an addicting puzzle game developed for both amateur and competitive players. Players race against the clock to match the tiles, revealing a beautiful picture at the end. This game offers the best of classic Mahjong puzzles and endless


  • Beautiful graphic design
  • Intuitive gameplay and controls
  • Dynamic levels with exciting objectives
  • Various traps and bonuses to create an unpredictable game
  • Global leaderboards to compare scores

Game Controls

  • Mouse/touchpad- clicking on matching tiles
  • Keyboard- using arrow keys to navigate the puzzles

How to Play

Starting the Game

To start the game, just click on the 'Play' button. You will be taken to a vibrant and exciting game board filled with Mahjong tiles. Here you must find two of the same tiles to make a match. Once you have found two matching t


Levels and Objectives

Mahjong Quest has several levels, with each one offering a unique objective. In some levels, you may need to clear a certain area from the board to complete the objective. In others, you may have to collect a certain numbe


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Mahjong Quest is developed by the digital entertainment company, WittyGem Games.

Release Date

Mahjong Quest was released in November 2016.

Similar games

If you are looking for similar Mahjong games, then you should try Mahjong Solitaire, the cross-platform game developed by Magma Mobile, or Kombat Mahjong, the action-based game developed by PlayFiend.


What do I need to play Mahjong Quest?

You will need a device that supports either a mouse, touchpad, or keyboard, as well as an internet connection.

Is Mahjong Quest suitable for kids?

Yes, Mahjong Quest is suitable for kids, as

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