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Millionaire Trivia Quiz is an online interactive game that gives players the chance to test their knowledge and win big. With its stimulating questions, excellent animations, and simple navigation, players are in for an amazing ride! It is designed to


  • Hundreds of trivia questions from different categories
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Timed game for Weekly Challenge Mode
  • Lifeline options such as Eliminate Two, Skip A Question, and Help from Friends
  • Game Controls

    • Mouse/Trackpad/Touchscreen Input
    • Keyboard Input
    • Navigation Buttons
    • Visual Cues
    • Sound Effects/Background Music

How to Play

The Basics of Millionaire Trivia Quiz

Millionaire Trivia Quiz is an online game available on web browsers. Players can choose from a variety of trivia questions from different categories. Each question has 4 choices. After the player has select


Getting Started

When the player is ready to start the game, they click the β€œStart” button. They will then be shown their first question. Each question has 4 choices. If the player answers correctly, they will receive a reward. If the player ans


Millionaire Trivia Quiz is available on the Web, Android and iOS devices.


Millionaire Trivia Quiz was developed by Kegs Games, a leading video games developer based in the United States.

Release Date

Millionaire Trivia Quiz was released on December 18th 2020.

Similar games

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How many categories are available in Millionaire Trivia Quiz?

Millionaire Trivia Quiz currently offers two categories: General Knowledge and Lifestyle.

What type of rewards does the game offer?

The game offers in-game rewards for

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