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Toilet Rush is a frantic one-button platformer game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Players take control of a character who is stuck in a public restroom filled with obstacles, enemies, and surprises. Armed with only the power of their toi


  • Frenetic one-button platformer game
  • Power-ups and power-downs can give additional abilities and make the game harder
  • Different levels with unique scenarios
  • Big bosses to defeat at the end of the levels
  • Beautiful pix

    Game Controls

    • Up arrow: Jump
    • Down arrow: Climb
    • Z: Interact
    • Space: Plunge

How to Play

Loading and Starting the Game

Players will first need to go to the website to access the game; once there, click the 'Play' button to get started. You will then see the main screen for Toilet Rush; from there, you can start the


Gameplay Scenarios

The game consists of different scenarios that the player must complete in order to beat the level. The first is a platforming section where the player must dodge and jump over obstacles while collecting coins, which can be u


  • Web (Android/iOS)


Toilet Rush was developed by the independent game development studio, Big Fat Toilet Games. Big Fat Toilet Games was founded by two brothers and their mother in 2020 and specializes in developing fast-paced, physics-based games. With a strong focus on

Release Date

Toilet Rush was first released in 2021, with plans to expand it to other gaming platforms soon.

Similar games

If you enjoyed Toilet Rush, then check out other games developed by Big Fat Toilet Games such as Get Out & Rush and The Plunger Ride.


What is the objective of Toilet Rush?

The objective of the game is to progress through levels by collecting coins, power-ups, and canisters. You must use your plunger to defeat enemies and eventually beat the boss at the end of each level.


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